agnes b art facade project volume 0
he is from osaka she is from teheran.
he is 39 she is 32.
he is drawing with thread she is drawing with words.
detail is abstract, whole is clear.
he is zon ito she is sara dolatabadi.
agnes b art facade project volume 1
For this volume, we invited two prominent contemporary japanese artists, Kohei Nawa and HIdeki Inaba, whom in their own way will express their present creativity, in those moments of chaos.
May 2011
agnes b art facade project volume 2
VOLUME by Lyota Yagi and LIGHT AND SHADOW by Rinko Kawahuchi

Yagi Lyota explore the idea of volume using vinyl dis ks to create a fresque as Rinko Kawahuchi exhibit one of her recent work picture two domestic pigeon looking for their house in Ishinomaki Miyagi-ken 04/17/2011
agnes b art facade project volume 3
Between reality and imagination. I travel in a dream, dancing and moving with a flow from dusk till dawn, seeking joy and pleasure. Stars in the sky remain hidden somewhere until they are found like a new day nobody can predict. Let's start on a journey into the galaxy, Into our creativity, whose shapes are yet to be known.
agnes b art facade project volume 4
PARRALLEL PLAN by Paramodel SLOW GLASS#77 by Naoya Hatakeyama
Two way to picture urbanity. The creation of an imaginary city composed of a multidude of appartment's floor plan each of them connected door to door. Looking to the light of a city through a glass, sort of time slower, or a way to look at the past from present.
sebastian mayer
agnes b art facade project volume 5
An imaginary reality, a reality like a dream, two poetic expressions for this edition.
agnes b art facade project volume 6
TWINKLE by Kazuharu Ishikawa
The winter naturally makes people think warmth of their families, friends, neighborhood, and each partner.The silence of this season is good to pray or wish.I think Christmas today is beyond religion. Everyone knows the importance of light. Nobody hates happiness. I always catch ordinary but nice scenes and express them with simple lines as drawing. My installation is composed of the images selected from those countless drawings The viewers will think of some stories, or perhaps be reminded of someone's face by seeing my work. I wish yarns will touch your hearts and help to "knit" a little peace.
LA BOITE is an event design studio founded in 2007 in Japan by Laurent Ghnassia.

We position ourselves as complement to institutional communication, concentrating our effort in arising brands fetish value, translating a message into emotions, proposing an experience to viewers.

From brand awareness parties to exhibitions, from product launching to music festival, we provide appropriate project to meet the needs of our clients.

Rich of a native occidental culture completed by a deep knowledge of oriental aesthetic, we offer a subtile east-west mix.

Over years, we have developed a worldwide network of creators, artists, curators, musicians, filmmaker, architects or designers, providing order-made content.

We also have gathered around us highly skilled professional able to put those content into reality.

Each team we create is in exact adequacy to the project we are making, conveying faithfully the desire of our clients.